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Relationship with the client is very important to us, we carefully build and develop it on a permanent basis. We solve specific legal problems of our clients, while also trying to act preventively through advisory and legal consulting, so that we could be always a step ahead of the potential legal problem, to predict where and how our clients could face, avoid or resolve it.

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Criminal law and defense in criminal proceedings

The role of a defense attorney in a large number of criminal proceedings, in connection with various criminal offenses, among which were procedures for some of the more serious criminal offenses that fall within the areas of violent crimes, traffic, tax, economic and other offenses, are the basis of our knowledge and experience.

Dispute resolution, representation in court and other proceedings

Disputes are problems that cost money and time, and they also create the risk of not achieving the intended results. We offer our clients detailed analysis of the dispute, be it a dispute that has already started or one that is yet to come, in regards to application of material and procedural legal provisions, as well as the assessment of expected costs and duration of the dispute.

Compensation of damages, liability, and property related legal disputes

Our office can provide answers to inquiries related to obligation law and property law. How to create a contract that will best protect property, personal, legal and other interests, related to purchase of real estate, the regulation of mutual rights and obligations or even a commercial contract?

Protection of copyright and intellectual property rights in the online environment

We take all the necessary legal steps regarding the protection of copyright and intellectual property rights on the Internet supported by our foreign partners, as well as through cooperation with partners in the field of ICT. Online freedom is very important but it can also serve as a „shield“ for those who violate or abuse copyright and intellectual property rights in the online environment.

Tax law

We cooperate with specialists qualified to handle tax law, providing our clients with tax consulting services, as well as representation in the tax administration procedure before the Ministry of Finance of The Republic of Serbia, as well as in administrative disputes with the final decisions of the Ministry of Finance, and in criminal proceedings related to criminal offenses of economic nature, which include tax evasion and other tax offenses.

Data Protection and privacy

We provide advice to clients regarding regulatory requirements and best practices related to the acquisition, processing, export and overall protection of personal data within the legal area of domestic Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Serbia as well as EU regulations

Commercial Law

We offer the following services to our clients: the creation of legal forms for companies and other legal entities, founding acts, articles of association, social contracts, internal procedures rules and other related activities like legal due diligence reports, registration with the Agency for Business Registers and other bodies and institutions, preparation and counseling …

Family law and representation in legal proceedings

The norms of family law regulate the issues related to marriage and divorce, property and personal relations of spouses, the relationship between parents and children, financial support, adoption, and guardianship. We understand that the problems related to family law are of vital importance for our clients.

Information law and IT sector

The IT is sector is one of the primary focuses of our office. The IT sector is dynamic and innovative, and legal regulations often can’t keep up with its development as well as they should. This creates a lot of issues for individuals and companies in the IT sector. It is our goal to provide the IT sector with legal support in order to overcome these issues.

Labor law and labor lawsuits

We strive to provide our clients with optimal solutions in the area of Labor law, especially focusing on general employers labor and legal acts and their adaptation and optimization for specific business needs. We also represent clients in situations connected to the labor inspection.
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