JANJIĆ, STEFANOVIĆ, KRSTIĆ i MILOVANOVIĆ  advokatska kancelarija/attorneys at law

Law office Janjić, Stefanović, Krstić and Milovanović was founded in February 2016 in Niš. The idea of its founders was to provide fast, comprehensive, professional, reliable, standardized,  efficient and useful legal services, to a wider range of potential clients, from natural persons, through legal entities, to the social and public sectors, primarily in the area of Niš and southeastern Serbia.

Our Vision

Our goal is to recognize the needs of every client such as individuals who face personal life drama or  who are prior to an important life decision, as well as small and medium-sized business companies striving  to optimize their business and make it more competitive and larger systems which requires standardization,  security and predictability of its own business.

Relationship with the client is very important to us, we carefully build and develop it on a permanent basis.  We solve specific legal problems of our clients, while also trying to act preventively through advisory and  legal consulting, so that we could be always a step ahead of the potential legal problem, to predict where  and how our clients could face, avoid or resolve it.

We are determined to provide full legal support to the IT sector, as a branch in which we see the future  and the fastest growing economy of this part of Serbia. Expertise, up to date, innovation – despite the dynamic development of legal regulations and the  changing practice of courts and administration, the constant monitoring of regulations, attitudes  and opinions, as well as legal science, and cooperation with a large number of experts from various  fields, makes us professional, current and innovative in providing legal services.

Pro bono

Pro bono and social activism are very important to us. We strive to work in these fields to promote the attorney as a socially responsible and socially useful activity and strengthen the reputation of the lawyer in society. We are especially proud on cooperation with the following social and humanitarian organizations: