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Aleksandra Ristić


Graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Niš in June 2012.

She first gained experience and practical knowledge by working as a trainee at the Basic Court in Nis. After a year, with a desire for further advancement, Aleksandra finds a new challenge in the lawyer’s office, working as a trainee at the law office of Predrag D. Stefanovic. In September 2013 he was enrolled in the directory of the Bar Association Nis, where she is registered today.

Work in the law office gave her the opportunity to represent the court in various court procedures, as well as to gain legal knowledge from various fields of work. After passing a bar examination, she directed her professional orientation in particular, but not exclusively, in the field of property legal issues, civil rights issues, civil matters with foreign elements, civil litigation, administrative law, registration and real estate transactions, inheritance law and commercial law.

She is fluent in English.

+381 64 288 59 67