JANJIĆ, STEFANOVIĆ, KRSTIĆ i MILOVANOVIĆ  advokatska kancelarija/attorneys at law

Predrag Stefanović


Graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Nis in June 2003.

Enrolled on the list of lawyers of the Bar Association Nis, since 23.02.2007. for an uninterrupted period to date.

He started his professional career first as a lawyer and then as a lawyer at the law office of Momcilo M. Kovačević from Niš, where he acquired knowledge and experience in resolving disputes and representation in various court proceedings, but also in the area of criminal law and defense in criminal proceedings. Over time, the area of work extends to specific legal areas, such as family-legal relations, public procurement, administrative law and administrative disputes, areas of rights related to the IT sector, and so on.

Special business skills and education:

– Certificate of possession of professional knowledge about the rights of children and criminal-legal protection of juveniles, Judicial Center for Training and Professional Development, June 2007, Nis;
– Certificate of completed training “Advocacy skills in criminal procedures: direct and cross-examination”, Partner for Democratic Change of Serbia, September 2013, Nis;
– Specialist training on the conduct of the investigation, organized by B & S Europe in cooperation with the Judicial Academy, May 2014, Niš;
– Training for trainers, within the project Implementation of the new Code of Criminal Procedure of Serbia, implemented by B & S Europe, July 2014, Belgrade;
– Participation as coaches in several days of specialized trainings organized within the project “Implementation of the new Code of Criminal Procedure of Serbia”, conducted between September 2014 and June 2015 by B & S Europe and the Judicial Academy (the project is organized in the Appellation Seats courts of the Republic of Serbia, with the participation of representatives of the judiciary, prosecution, police and lawyers).
Predrag is fluent in English.

+381 64 23 59 765